Taylor Bred Bulldogs

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Wes Taylor Strickland

PO Box 69

Danbury NC 27016


Mobile phone: (336) 414 -5213.


Email: taylorbredbulldogs@yahoo.com

Additional information:

#1 - I prefer brief, to the point, conversations. People don't understand this, but if I get 10 dog related phone calls per day, and I talk to each person for 30 minutes, that is 5 hours of my day on the phone. I simply do not have  5 hours a day to chat on the phone. 

#2 I am a busy man. Please do not waste my time. If you feel like you need to send me 100 messages and ask me 100 questions, then don't - buy a dog else where. 

#3 If you decide to buy a pup or dog from me, please limit your request for photos.  I try to provide pictures of the breeding, of the pups once born, around 4 -6 weeks of age, and I will provide several photos just prior to shipping to the pup. I can also tattoo (or microchip) dogs prior to shipping, to prevent any mix up.

#4 I tend to get a lot of inmate correspondence.  If we are friends, I would love to hear from you, and I will take time to write you back. However, if you are someone I do not know and have never met, I simply do not have time to write several letters every week. I don't want that to sound callous, but at this point in my life in have a family including a young son, a job, a house to maintain, and a yard of dogs. Once my son is grown and I am retired, I very well may enjoy writing letters and responding to all the inmate correspondence I get, but at this point I have other obligations that require my time.


Lastly, please note, I have zero tolerance for stupid people. I know, love and respect the history of our dogs, however, I also know the current state of affairs with our dogs. If you so much as mention anything in regards to dogfighting, I will hang up the phone, save your number in my phone as "Dumbass", and will never answer or return your calls again