Taylor Bred Bulldogs

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Stud service: $800


Pups from natural breedings start at $1000. Discounts sometimes available to repeat customers or those buying multiple pups.


Pups produced from frozen semen will be priced accordingly. The process of impregnating a bitch via frozen semen is expensive, and generally produces smaller litters.


Young dogs / yearlings: call for price on the individual you are interested in.

The minimum deposit to hold a pup is $400.00. The balance is to be paid in full by the time the pup is 6 weeks old if the pup is to be shipped. If you plan to pick your pup up in person, the balance can be paid in full at that time.

Deposits are not refundable. If you decide to put a deposit on a pup before it is born / weaned, there is always the chance that the bitch may not have / raise pups. However, deposits can be transferred to upcoming litters.

Stud Service:

All stud fees are to be paid prior to performing the breeding.


I prefer that you bring your bitch on the right day, breed her, and take her back with you.


If you choose to leave your bitch here, I will provide the same quality of care than I do for my dogs. However, I assume no responsibity or liablity for your bitch.


Boarding fee is $10 / per day / per dog.


Pups are to be picked up by 10 weeks of age.


Young dogs / yearlings are to be picked up within 30 days of receipt of deposit.


Failure to pick up your pup / yearling in a timely manner will result in loss of deposit or boarding fees.


This policy applies to bitches left here for stud service also.


I prefer that you come and pick up your pup / dog in person.


If you can't pick your dog up in person, then I prefer to use the ground transporter of your choice.

Airline shipping: I am currently not offering airline shipping.


Please note that all references to competition and winning in this communication, as well as from us in general are in regard to legal, socially acceptable sporting activities. There are conformation champions, weight pulling champions, hunting champions, high-jump champions, agility champions, treadmill race champions, and others. Register of Merit, or "ROM" is a designation for crediting distinguished producing capabilities in a male or female.

There are as many specific criteria for earning "rom" and "champion" titles as there are venues for competing with these dogs. For our purposes, an ROM sire has produced at least 4 champions from one or more of the competition types listed above. When we refer to Champions, Grand Champions or ROM, we are referring to accomplishments relative to these same types of competitions.


Taylor Bred Bulldogs will only sell dogs in to loving homes and to responsible owners.

Taylor Bred Bulldogs will not knowingly violate any local, state, or federal law(s), nor do we sell dogs for illegal purposes.


Every person who purchases a pup or dog from Taylor Bred Bulldogs is required to sign a "Purchasing Contract and Letter of Intent"

Purchasing Contract and Letter of Intent

I, ___________________________________________, hereby agree to purchase the animal listed above, under the terms and conditions set forth herein. I agree to abide by this contract at all times.


1. I will at all times provide a humane home for this animal.

2. I will maintain and keep a safe and secure living area for this animal.

3. I will not use this animal to weaken or dilute the breed.

4. I will not use this animal to knowlingly engage in activities that violate the Animal Welfare Act of 1976.

5. I will not raise, train or sell this animal for illegal purpose.

6. I will not breed this animal so that it's offspring will be used for illegal purposes and / or in violation of the Animal Welfare Act of 1976.

7. I agree to notify Wes Taylor Strickland and / or his assigns to give him first right  and opportunity to purchase of receive this animal should I decide to sale or give this animal away.

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